Welcome ladies and gentlemen..on behalf of Captain WordPress and myself I would like to welcome you on board this page ‘smilehigh’. As we are about to depart all your personal electronic devices must be switched off, kindly refrain from using them until you disembark this page. I shall now indicate to you the main areas of the page and what I am writing about. We would appreciate your attention while you are with us today, and we do hope to welcome you onboard with us again in the near future.

Curiousity killed the cat! But I imagine you’d like to know a bit about me? I’m a 22 year old flight attendant working in the Middle East (i.e desert!) who just wants to try to inspire a littlebit of positivity into the ‘blgospere’ in my simple way. One day I will do something great. Right now I have 2 hands so I can write. So please feel free to browse my page..I welcome your feedback and support.  

Thank you for choosing to fly with ‘smilehigh’ and have a very good day! 🙂



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  1. Mathu
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 13:29:30

    your Blog is amazing!..it makes me wonder what a talent that lies in u!?…i religiously read almost anything that comes my way,including most of the highly rated columns of the leading News/p and ua writing is way above what i read!..its way above the leauge!!…i will not b surprised to soon find you in Times!..or Tribune!..Be Blesssed!


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