Job searching.

Right now I know I am in a very crowded boat full of people all looking for jobs. In the UK unemployment is growing and growing. Well qualified graduates and people I know are having to take on jobs that 5 or 10 years ago they wouldn’t have needed to. But unfortunately many more people can’t even get a’s not for want of trying either, there are some lazy people out there but not the ones I refer to!

I am supremely lucky and grateful for my job and God above knows this. I have to keep searching for other opportunities though. Whilst doing this I have come to realise 3 things: firstly, you will only ever hear fromĀ a few applications, and these could be a NO. Secondly, you will start to feel a bit rejected and useless, and thirdly, you will get over feeling sorry for yourself and you will persevere.

Humans are lucky creatures indeed in that we have intellect, reasoning, morals and qualities such as perseverance ( beasts too-consider the beaver). Few people ever actually give up. This is something quite remarkable when you think about it. For me, I will keep trying. I applied today for something I really want, it would be so exciting to hear from this one! So fingers crossed for me please!