Ode to Autumn.


It’s funny how a single memory can trigger such vivid, potent recollections, that you almost feel like you are back there, in the place the memory was created. I was choosing scented candles in the supermarket the other day and suddenly I smelt home. Or more specifically home on a winter’s evening just as dinner is being prepared. The candle was a winter spicy type, and the fragrance instantly took me back to home and drinking mulled wine with all it’s spicy, fruity comfort in the winter. As Autumn is here and soon winter will be I started to think about how much I miss about this season in the UK. It is my favourite season, for so many reasons.


The smells are clearer and duller at the same time. There’s a fading freshness to the air that is both lingering and fleeting at the same time. The season won’t last long but it’s intransigence makes it all the more special. Bonfires, chimney smoke, dampness. And the weather! Admittedly, there are some horrible rainy days but when the sun is shining and the air has a chilly bite to it, and you can just about make out your own breath like a puff of hope to bid farewell to Summer, you know why this season is famously full of merry fruitfulness.

 Looking around you are dazzled by leaves of the most wonderful shades, browns, golden, olive, russet, ochre. It’s all so colourful, it’s hard to imagine that Nature is off on a well-earned rest. The trees gradually get barer and barer until all their bounty lies in rustling piles on the ground, or blowing around the fields, gardens, playgrounds.

The days are getting shorter and the nights spring upon you unexpectedly. Children come home from school and after tea and toast it will almost be time to close the curtains. With fewer hours of darkness it’s easy to see why people feel closed in and mourn the long, luxurious evenings of summer. But when you wake up and look ou of your frosty windows to see the mist rolling across the valley, separating you from the rest of the world like Gods atop their mountain you know this season is not one to feel sorry for it is the crowning glory of a perfect summer and the start of a promising winter’s journey.


Spot the camouflaged cat!