Excited about my holiday..hopefully!

Although I travel the world daily, it’s not the same as a real, planned holiday..especially when I’m going with my man! I am excited..bu haven’t really planned much yet. We are supposed to be going to the States in December, it’s already been put off from August..and yes, I know the weather is going to be superbly freezing-in Washington DC! We only have a week now to spend there, but I plan to enjoy every second. I actually haven’t done much planning for it, even though I am super-excited..so that is what I will get on with today..oh! the life I lead! ♥ so grateful..

I’m thinking  4 days in DC, then train to New York for a couple of days but staying somehwere out of town so it’s actually afordable..we used to fly to NY but not for a long time. I was born at the wrong time to join the flying club 😦  It used to be such a glamourous, enviable job. It’s still lots of fun but not like it used to be, so I’m told.

So plan plan plan! In January we plan to go to Kenya, which is maybe even more exciting. I like animals more than almost anything so I think I will be in heaven..I just hope our plans don’t get altered.. 

Nice looking twiga