Decisions, decisions..

Last night I was reminded of a humbling fact. I am spoilt. Not necessarily through my or my parents fault, it’s just the society we live in. Take for example this decision my mother told me that my younger sister faces..

“She’s trying to decide which laptop to take back with her”

I don’t blame my sister. But consider how extravagant and fortunate we must be to be able to choose between 2 laptops! The the kind of choice I faced this morning..straight hair or curly hair today!

Some people probably had to decide whether to give their children the last bowl of rice or wait to give it to them after their 8km runĀ from school. And other life threatening choices. We do live in a world of contrasts..

What can you do though?

Help where you can-support charities, NGOs, get yourself informed about globa crisis, and not so huge ones-the less documented ones. Sponsor a child, or a charity for a year..

and be grateful-thank whoever you want to, but there’s obviously someone up there looking out for us.

(by the way I went for straight hair)